Beyond the Ledger: Elevate Your Business with Our Accounting Expertise

  • Account Reconciliation Statements
  • Accounting Transaction Verification

  • Monthly Financial Report Design

  • Financial Statements and Reporting

  • Consolidation Statement Preparation

  • GAAPs and IFRS Reconciliation

  • Expertise in Utilizing Accounting Technology

  • Auditor Coordination


Your Tax Partner: Optimum Introduces Comprehensive Tax Assistance…

  • Corporate Monthly Tax Filing

  • Corporate Annual Tax Filing

  • Personal Income Tax filing

  • Tax planning

  • Tax refund service

  • Value Added Tax

  • Withholding tax for employee


Navigating success together.

  • International-Caliber Consulting

  • Experienced Team
  • Thai Tax and GAAP Compliance

  • Problem Resolution Satisfaction


Beyond the Ledger: Streamlining Success with Our Bookkeeping Expertise.

  • Accounts receivable

  • Account payable

  • Fixed asset register

  • Inventory reports and stock cards

  • Reconciliation of bank statements


Payroll Pinnacle: Your Gateway to Seamless Salary Management.

  • Calculating Employee Tax Obligations

  • Batch Payment Direct Deposits

  • Payroll Slip Issuance
  • Monthly Tax Report Preparation
  • Social Security Compliance Reporting

Administrative Service

Efficiency Unleashed: Elevate Your Business with Our Administrative Services.

  • Billing Management: Invoices and Tax Invoices

  • Collection Process: Receipts and Tax Invoices

  • Payment Coordination: Internet Banking and Tax Certificates

  • Bank Balance Statement Updates

  • Outstanding Invoice Monitoring

  • Collection Report Monitoring and Follow-Up


We obtain working experiences in wide variety of businesses.

Our expertise extends across numerous sectors:

  • Manufacturing (13%)

  • Media & Advertising (13%)

  • General Services (17%)

  • Property Management (15%)

  • Engineering (6%)

  • Retail (9%)

  • Technology (23%)

  • Others (4%)

Need a personalized solution?

Thai tax and accounting laws can sometimes be difficult to understand, particularly if you are not familiar with Thai language. At Optimum, we provide clear and transparent services for all your tax and accounting needs.

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