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We obtain working experiences in wide variety of businesses.

Our expertise extends across numerous sectors:

  • Manufacturing (13%)

  • Media & Advertising (13%)

  • General Services (17%)

  • Property Management (15%)

  • Engineering (6%)

  • Retail (9%)

  • Technology (23%)

  • Others (4%)

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Great benefits from Optimum

Our consultancy services include:

  • Providing expert tax and accounting advice in Thailand with international standards.

  • Team with extensive international background, including over 15 years in worldwide accounting.

  • Assisting in achieving full compliance with Thai tax laws and GAAP regulations.

  • Dedicated to overcoming client issues, ensuring business benefits and team gratification.

Need a personalized solution?

Thai tax and accounting laws can sometimes be difficult to understand, particularly if you are not familiar with Thai language. At Optimum, we provide clear and transparent services for all your tax and accounting needs.