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We obtain working experiences in wide variety of businesses.

Our expertise extends across numerous sectors:

  • Manufacturing (13%)

  • Media & Advertising (13%)

  • General Services (17%)

  • Property Management (15%)

  • Engineering (6%)

  • Retail (9%)

  • Technology (23%)

  • Others (4%)

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Our payroll services include:

  • Employee Tax Calculation: Precise Corporate Schedule Alignment
  • Payroll Direct Deposit: Seamless Employee Bank Transfers
  • Payroll Statements: Swift and Accurate Distribution
  • Tax Reporting Monthly: Comprehensive PND.1 and Withholdings Management
  • Social Security Reporting: Meticulous Compliance Fulfillment

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Thai tax and accounting laws can sometimes be difficult to understand, particularly if you are not familiar with Thai language. At Optimum, we provide clear and transparent services for all your tax and accounting needs.